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bill, tim, fritz

the schierl brothers


-  For several years in the early 1990’s, we sold an entry level private label spirits brand named BROTHERS. Though not of great quality, we enjoyed creating the brand and had fun along way.

- Over the years, the topic of a “redo” came up frequently over liquid libation but without a reasonable path forward. Then in 2017, while drinking with friend Brian Cummins, founder of a local craft distillery looking to expand production, the idea resurfaced. This time, a path forward was possible, and the concept of Schierl Brothers Northern Oasis Spirits was born.

- In 2018, through a brand agreement with Distillery Partners, LLC in Plover, WI, we launched a high quality, grain to glass line of spirits celebrating our Wisconsin upbringing and lifestyle in hopes of “distilling” a little fun, fellowship, and simplicity back into a hectic world.

- before then, we grew up in Stevens Point and began operating our family business from our father, in 1989 after he passed away from cancer. we have been business partners for 30 years with an ever-present passion for liquid libation.


John & anne

In the late 40's, our parents, John (Butch)and anne, were high school sweethearts at P.J. Jacobs Senior High in Stevens Point, WI. They went their separate ways following high school, both broke engagements, and then as they would say, "We looked around in our late 20's and everyone else was married." We know the truth to be they had found their soulmate early on and it just took time for them to figure it out.


Butch grew up spending his summers on the Chain O' Lakes in central Wisconsin and was often seen in his parents' blue Chris Craft. The boat lasted long enough for many of our summer childhood memories being sanding and maintaining the boat. Anne grew up spending her summers on her grandparents' farm as her widowed mother earned her nursing and public health degrees.


libation history

Growing up, Butch drank a martini at lunch and the after work cocktail hour was a regular occasion. They would pour a drink and talk about each other's day. We share fond memories of this time as we learned what adult conversation was all about. Butch was a brandy old fashioned and Manhattan drinker. Anne preferred gin and tonics.


grandpa shorty

Grandpa Shorty (Adlebert) moved to the Stevens Point area from Neenah, Wi, and married Ruth Copps in the late 1920's. They lived on Plover Street their entire married liFe and neither ever moved again. Plover Street hosted many parties that lasted well into the morning hours. We like to think of that as heritage.