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Lakeview vodka cocktails

Holiday Pick Me Up - Lakeview Vodka Cocktail - Northern Oasis Spirits

Holiday Pick Me Up

local, espresso infused maple syrup and flavorful coffee make a sweet, creamy cocktail to enjoy as a nightcap. the dude abides by this one

2 oz. Lakeview vodka

1 1/2 oz. tapped espresso maple syrup

1 oz. vanilla caffe monster

top with heavy cream

Pep Up Your View - Lakeview Vodka Cocktail - Northern Oasis Spirits

Pep Up Your View

Add a little spice to a little sweet and get a cocktail that is sure to put a pep in your step!

2 oz. lakeview vodka

1 oz. Peppercorn syrup *

1 oz. Lime

3/4 oz. Black Cherry


garnish with Cocktail Cherries

*Line medium size pan with peppercorns, toast on medium high until
fragrant moving peppercorns regularly. Add 16 oz Sugar and 16 oz water in a pot. Combine
peppercorn into pot with sugar and water. Keep on medium high heat until sugar dissolves. Turn
temp to low and let simmer for 20 min. Strain and keep in glass container. Add small amount of
vodka to enhance shelf life. Keep refrigerated.

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morning View

Notes of crisp citrus are supported by robust coffee notes.

A refreshing take on iced coffee that gives you a little extra "oomph"

1.5 oz. Lakeview Vodka

3 oz. Hubert's Lemonade

Top with Stok Black Cold Brew Coffee (2 oz)

garnish with lemon

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duck blind

taste the tranquility of all three northern oasis spirits in this fun pick-me-up

1 oz. lone duck cinnamon whiskey

1 oz. lakeview vodka

1 oz. riverbank spiced rum

top with redbull

garnish with cinnamon stick & lemon